“Many people pray breakthrough and speak breakdown; they pray health and speak sickness. The moment it is rooted in your in the heart, it dominates the head. If God said so, your job is to believe so, and start saying so. So, believe it, say it, and then become it.”

“Expect to see prophecies fulfilled. Expectation is ‘Mrs. Faith’; when Faith (Mr. Faith) meets with expectation (‘Mrs. Faith), it delivers. Without expectation, faith remains impotent.” (See Prov. 24:14)

"Many people have not appreciated the ministry of Philip in their lives. So, they limit themselves to what they can find out by themselves. That's a long way out. The deeper your depth, the stronger your faith, and the greater your level of command."

"Every time faith is rooted in the heart, it dominates the head, because the faith in your heart has subdued your mind."

"...I have to choose between the doctor and The One who said 'He took my infirmities.' And the One who took, His name is called The Truth."

"Every of the 55 items in that personalized prophetic declarations for 2015 are ordained to be fulfilled; and not by your hand but by God's hand. If there are 10,000 people on the line for miracle babies, God has more. God is a mystery; He will give out your phone number and they will call you where you never applied. You think God doesn't know numbers? In Kinshasha, He gave the number of the President to a Pastor walking on the street and a straight word which the Pastor spoke to the President. The word came to pass and the president started looking for the pastor. God will fill a form and put your name and number on it."

“There is no kingmaker on the earth; God is the only authentic kingmaker. So He will ensure that His Will is established in Nigeria at all levels. He will ensure there’s no war by putting in power only those who are righteous,”

“Watch it, concerning this nation, there’s a great future. This election shall be peaceful; it will come to pass like a dream of the night. Offices will not be shut down for a moment; it shall be peaceful, there will be order as ordained by God and we will celebrate at the end of the day,”

“Now there is famine in diverse places…we will soon hear that nations are acquiring other nations; some will even sell themselves to other nations, begging them to allow them become states in their nations,”

                 ...Bishop David Oyedepo, Sunday March 8, 2015

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