(Part 5)WHAT WENT DOWN AT THE WOTGK CONFERENCE 2017 LAST SATURDAY: Let’s Hear it From the Visioneer Herself – Joys Oyedepo

Joys Oyedepo - the visioneer of the Women of the God Kind and the host of the conference rounded off with the teaching on “HOW TO DRAW NEAR” using the story of Queen Esther.  
“We need to prepare in the sense that we should take actions that prove we believe God. Do not get distracted, surround yourself with those who will stand by you and teach you. Be subject to leadership, do not take some decisions on your own. No matter what the enemy does, stand strong in your knowing of God’s truth. Do not be comfortable with mediocrity. She also ended the session with an altar call for salvation and a word of prayer for sisters who had challenges with their health.”
It was an awesome time in God’s presence and I am sure we all are looking forward to the Women of the God Kind 2018 conference.

My name is Stella Nwaekpe, reporting for Faith Tabernacle Press and Publicity Unit

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  1. meeting creates an undeniable experience.


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