The presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church Word wide Bishop David Oyedepo has said that the Annual Special Workers’ Forum scheduled for 7 – 10am on Saturday January 9, 2016 is a must for everyone involved. He made this announcement on Wednesday during the midweek service, stressing that it was a platform TOWARDS ACTUALIZATION 2016 IN THE WINNERS FAMILY. Quoting from Proverbs 4:13 (“Take fast hold of instruction; let her not go: keep her; for she is thy life”), the Apostle of Faith urged the congregation to put a premium on instruction for maximum delivery of "From Glory to Glory 2016." 

“Take fast hold of instruction; a number of believers are grounded today because they have outgrown instructions, therefore for all categories of workers in this church that believe in the value of instruction and dignity of redemption, present yourself this Saturday,” he said with a rather stern voice depicting the seriousness of the meeting.

He added by mentioning the categories of people that must be present at the meeting including all Pastors, Deacons and Deaconesses, Cell Ministers and Assistants, all officials of Service groups, etc.

The Man of God reminded the congregation that the meeting would be transmitted live and that with the 44 viewing centres around Lagos, Ota and environs, no excuse was tenable for missing out.

In further underscoring the importance of the meeting, the Bishop hinted that failure to attend would attract serious consequences. “I have never spent so much time like this on anything...I kindly reserve what the decision might be for anyone who chooses to be absent. No one is permitted to be sick, make sure you are there.”

As usual, he ended by pronouncing a blessing on the congregation and those who would be in attendance.  “As you obey instructions, the blessing thereof will follow you home in Jesus’ Name,” he declared, reminding the Winners’ family of the 21-day Fasting and Praying season that begins on Monday 11 January 2015 which will end on January 31.

Reminder: This announcement was first made last Sunday in all the services:  
Faith Tabernacle Announcement: Our Annual Special Workers’ Forum comes up on Saturday, 9th January 2016 in all our churches in setting the stage for the actualization of Vision 2016 in this church. This meeting shall include all Pastors, all WSF Officials, i.e. WSF ministers, assistants and secretaries, Ordained Elders, Deacons & Deaconesses, all Service Group Leaders. Time: 7.00-10.30am. This shall be broadcast LIVE to selected Area facilities. However, all that could make it to Canaanland are admonished to do so. For this reason, there shall be no Covenant Hour of Prayer on this particular Saturday.

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