“We got married in April 2015. As every married couple, we believed God for immediate pregnancy, but all to no avail. Each time my mother in law called me to ask, my response was always ‘God has done it and that the baby was kicking fine.’ She would say in response that my womb was not growing at all. Our faith was never deterred because we kept on to the Bishop’s statement that says ‘When your cloud is full your rain will fall”. As such, we engaged in outreaches, bringing new converts to church and kingdom-focused prayers after the Wonder-Double agenda was declared.

During the 21 days prayer and fasting of January 2016, we engaged rigorously and wholeheartedly. The first on our prayer request list was for God to give us our own child. However, Bishop emphasized during the fast the need to pray for the kingdom and church members. As such, we had to stop praying for a child and started praying for the kingdom, members and non-members who we know have been believing God for children for long since we are just new couple.

The last week of the prayer and fasting (the third one night with the king) Bishop re-emphasized that we should demonstrate our love for God by inviting at least one soul to church. I took days off from work that week and lodged at the camp house from Tuesday of the last week. I invited two of my colleagues who also camped with me and two others for the Feet Washing service. My prayer for them was for God to give them an encounter since they were new invitees. To the glory of God they gave their life to Christ. After the first service of that Sunday, they pleaded they wanted to stay back for the other services. Hence, we attended the five services. However, during the third service, my blood flow started. I was almost in tears but kept my faith alive to avoid questions from my invitees. On my way to the camp house to clean up and use my pad, a voice spoke to me to return to church. I obeyed and returned immediately not minding the flow. We all stayed in the church till the 5th service.

The next month, February 2016, I was confirmed pregnant, all through the pregnancy my husband and I engaged in almost all of the outreaches, kingdom prayers and bringing new members to church with our car. We also provided bus to convey members who reside in our estate every Sunday till date. November 6, 2016 God blessed us with a bouncing baby boy.

We have come to return all the glory to God who is a rewarder of them that obey His instructions and diligently serve Him. - Mr and Mrs. Nneka


  1. Surely , the Lord truly answers prayers.

  2. Surely he is the producer of babies. My own testimony is on the way coming to the Glory of God


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