Miracle Marriage And Divine Vengeance!

“We fixed our wedding day for December 26, 2015. However, after the introduction, in August 2015, I lost my job. Thus the wedding was put on hold. Nevertheless, my spouse and I maintained our focus; serving God as usual.

At the Cross-Over Night, God’s servant, Bishop David Oyedepo said: The year 2016 demands personal responsibilities for maximum delivery.
Then, I took my service to God a step further. When Operation By-All-Means was declared, the Bishop set a target of minimum 4 souls in a quarter. I decided to go for minimum 10 souls per quarter and God gave me 12 souls. Towards the end of that first quarter, God gave me a miracle job and contract. Then, we resumed our Marriage Counselling and the traditional wedding took place. However, three weeks to the white wedding, I had a dream that people who came for the ceremony were falling and dying and the gathering scattered.

Miraculously, a few days to the wedding, Bishop Oyedepo came to our Counselling class at WOFBI block and imparted us, declaring that we would not see shame on our wedding day and anyone raising his/her head against that day would go down for us. On our wedding day, Saturday, July 30, 2016, at 4am in Canaanland, I was informed that somebody had run mad. Behold, it was my spouse’s best friend who attempted to poison the food for the guests and the God of Bishop David Oyedepo slapped her and she ran mad confessing. We thank the God of this Commission who did not allow us to see shame!”

Testifiers: Jacob & Sophia Ozomoge (Car Parking Unit, Canaanland)

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