#FirstServiceDeclarations @ #MiracleChildrenBanquet.

  • Many are here for twins, some are here for triplets, whatever you are here for today, like Hannah, you are returning back home with them. 
  • In the name of Jesus, the siege of barrenness is declared over in your life.
  • The siege of barrenness is......
  • Now I decree the release of your desired miracle children. 
  • A banquet connotes 'take what you want: I want a male child, I want a female child, I want a set of twins all boys, I want a set if twins one boy and one girl, a set of twins all girls,' whatever you desire today, I decree the release of same into your life.
  • As the Lord liveth, you are returning with these children for dedication in 9 months' time.
  • And so shall it be, thank you father, and blessed be your name."
--- Bishop David Oyedepo,

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