• No matter how written off your case may be, by the Holy Ghost, I see you becoming a fruitful field!
  • According to the time of life, whatever you desire of the Lord shall be delivered to you and people shall gather to celebrate with you in the name of Jesus!
  • By the anointing, you are breaking through on every side!
  • By the anointing, I decree a fresh baptism of the Spirit of obedience on your life!
  • Whatever makes men pity you is terminated by the anointing! 
  • From this hour, you are marked out for exemption!
  • By the anointing, every closed door of favour reopens!
  • Every closed womb is declared open today!
  • I see you receiving answers from heaven today in Jesus' name!
  • Every natural hindrance to your fruitfulness is destroyed in the name of Jesus!
  • Whatever is resisting your fruitfulness is destroyed in the mighty name of Jesus!
  • By the power in the Word of God, you are declared fruitful today in the name of Jesus!
  • Your life will never be stranded or grounded in the name of Jesus!
  • This week is declared your week of favour and breakthroughs!
  • Your tears are turned to testimonies!
  • The good news is, your case is settled forever!
  • Understand this: Your Father in heaven is the Baby Maker and you cannot want what your Father produces; so you cannot be a baby beggar.
#MyCaseisDifferent #mci


  1. Amen n Anen.... So it is in Jesus Name... Amen������������

  2. I receive my miracle children in Jesus name...Amen


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