FROM THE ARCHIVES (1): Read What Bishop Oyedepo Said Last Year About The Communion

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 "If it (the communion) can attack cancer ONLINE; then it will devastate it ‘ON-GROUND’.""One of the great Prescriptions of the Great Physician is the Holy Communion…because it empowers you and I to live like Jesus."
"You can’t shoot eternal life. After this communion, you become ‘unshootable.’ Except God has not sent me: any one that dares any member of this family, from today, the arrows of death will hit them."
"He refers no case to anybody; his name is Jesus Christ; His treatments are without any side effects, His name is Jesus. He heals by His words, He heals by His garments, He heals by His looks, everything about Him carries healing virtues; He has healings in His wings. His name is Jesus; He carries out His surgery without a theatre."
"It is not a sin to go to hospitals or take medications. But if you are not sick, you won’t need it. It is paying all over again (when) someone already paid for it with His life." (See Mtt. 9:12-13) 
"If Jesus tarries, for the next 40years, you will not know weakness or sickness; you will not become a burden."
Hear the Bishop’s story: 
“I had my first encounter with this revelation 1976 when a priest took the Bible and read from John chapter 6. It was as if I was hearing from Jesus; ‘I am that bread of life (what!); your fathers did eat manna in the wilderness and are dead; I’m the living bread that came down from heaven that a man may eat thereof and not die (what!). It was sinking in like rain from heaven. And then in 1977, I now saw the mystery behind the health and vitality of Smith Wigglesworth that he lived on Holy Communion daily. (ayayayaya!). 

Then I began a daily medication. I must tell you the truth: I’m physically stronger today than I was 32years ago when Jesus called me…I’m ‘sounder’ (if there is a word like that) upstairs than I was 32years ago”. (See John 6: 48-53)
"Eternal life doesn't grow old. God is not older than he was the day he created himself…eternal life is constant."

"…we talk about the white blood corpuscles in science which are called the soldiers of the body which attack any enemy that attack your body. But the Blood of Jesus is the whitest blood. It is the stainless blood of the Lamb…when you take the blood; you’re taking in the divine white blood corpuscles. It goes inside to launch an attack against your attackers so as to set you free."
"Anything Christ had paid for that is still tormenting you is illegal."
"If you don’t know better than your enemy, he will take you for a ride. Let God be true and all sciences be lies. (Roman 3:4) Anything science says that is opposed to the truth is falsehood, particularly when you know that truth." (See 1Tim.6:20)

"There is no great hospital that qualifies for a weekend. Only the sick are welcomed there."  (No matter how beautiful the hospital is, it is still not a hotel)
"The communion is a three-dimensional balm, it imparts on your three-dimensional being: your spirit, soul and body …when you take the communion, you are taking healing for your spiritual life…it heals your soul…you now know what to do at every crossroads." 

(So when you’re confused, you know what to do, don’t you. See John 6; 6)

"The communion is designed for strength, for health and for longevity." (See 1Corith.11:23ff)
"Every sickness is traceable to the blood that’s why they do blood works in trying to find out what is wrong with a man. But when you possess the blood of Jesus, it’s a sickness-free blood, it’s a disease-free blood; it’s a perfect blood."
"There are many destinies that won’t be fulfilled until some are crushed.""The greatest enemy of the church is spiritual ignorance. The greatest enemy of the believer is not the devil; the greatest enemy is spiritual ignorance...The cure for spiritual ignorance is divine revelation." (See Isaiah 5:3)
PROPHECY: "If manna sustained them for 40years, how much more will this Communion sustain you? Therefore, the next 40years, I see you sitting on top of sickness and disease in Jesus Name."
"All those your children you are serving Holy Communion, you know what you are doing? You are engaging a mind-builder. They will grow up and make us look like we've been doing nothing – because of the intensity of light." (See John 6:6)
"The communion is God’s prescription for the total health package for His children. It was never administered to the multitude, only for the disciples. So, if you are not born-again, it has no effect in your life."
"The brighter you see, the faster the delivery.""The great physician cures and specializes in instant cure. He repairs damaged parts; He replaces irreparable, stolen or dead parts." (See John 10:10)

"It is the prayer of faith that heals, not the prayer of days."
"Until your mind is renewed by the truth, you are not a candidate of triumph." (See Rom.12:1-3)
"A man is as old as he thinks. Abraham believed in a future at age 75. Moses took off on the liberation mandate at the age of 80. At 65, Darius took the ring…" (See Dan.5:31-32)
"Your mentality is what defines your destiny."

"Anyone who thinks I’m 59 is wasting his mind: I’m in my 20s!" 
(He celebrated his 60th birthday on September 27, 2014)
"If you believe it, then show it. When your actions don’t align with what you claim to believe, it is fake." (See Dan.5:27)
From Communion Service, September 8, 2013

Reminder: Today is Thursday, the second day of this month’s week of spiritual emphasis. LFC members are meant to wait on the Lord in a fast to break with the Communion during the evening service. It is another opportunity to engage the Communion. 

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