BISHOP OYEDEPO @61: 61 Powerful Quotes of Bishop Oyedepo on Diverse Issues (Part TWO)



38. “You don’t have an inheritance in your teachers; you don’t have an inheritance in your brothers; you only have an inheritance in your fathers…until you find a father in your prophet, you don’t have access to his inheritance. In 1983, the Lord brought me in contact with Pastor Enoch Adeboye and I found a father in him and everything working in him is working in me today.”

39. “It is your sense of value that determines your flow of virtue. Virtue is a river, it flows downward and once you are higher than the source, it stops.”

40. “Every act of evil proceeds with an evil thought. To stop the act, you must stop the thoughts…the devil you don’t resist has the right to remain.”


41. "The moment nothing challenges or distracts your place in God, you are more than a conqueror. Every addicted lover ends up more than a conqueror."

42. “My riches are not in a bank or in an estate. My riches are according to His riches in glory, because my fountain can never dry.”

43. “There is no way your advancement will not attract enmity, but the desires of the wicked shall perish.”

44. “Those who walk do so by common sense; those who run, run by principles; and those who fly, fly by instructions. That’s why at the Aviation school, you have instructors, not professors.”

45. “The eagle doesn’t flap its wings – it goes with the wind. If you go where the Spirit of God is going, you don’t struggle.”

46. “A changed life is the most authentic testimony of new birth.”

47. “We are not any better than any generation; we are only a people born in due season. Don’t mind the darkness and gloominess of the hour; your case is different.”

48. “Satan doesn't have the keys of death, witches and wizards don’t have it. Jesus has it, and He will use it to our favour.”

49. “Every revelation is like fire in your bones, you are restlessly restless when you encounter true revelation.”

50. “Every life is a book made up of chapters; very few people finish all the chapters. If you are not careful, chapter 4 may look like chapter 40.”

51. “You don't need an eighteen-hour vision to fulfill your glorious destiny; you just need to catch your own picture on the pages of Scriptures.”

52. “Every child of God has an enviable destiny in Christ after the order of Isaac. Genesis 26:24... You don't have a pitiable destiny in redemption, stop acting pitiable. You act pitiable, live pitiable, God forbid that you die pitiably. He's given us all things to enjoy.”

53. “It is not enough to catch the picture of your destiny in scriptures; we must take covenant responsibilities to actualize them. We need to know our part of the deal before His plan can come to pass in our live.”


54. “For my wife and I, no one has ever had the voice of one against the other...we have never had any issue that needed prayer. That’s why I can pray for you easily because there's nothing to pray for at home...We never spanked any of our children once; you instruct in love and the instructions are carried out in love. My grandmother never flogged me once. She trained me in love.”

55. “I have zero respect for experience that is not positive. Experience is not the best teacher; I have zero respect for unscriptural experience, no matter who has it.”

56. “To be Christ-like is to forgive and forget, just like Jesus. A husband forgives and forgets as if it never happens as Christ loved the church.


57. "Every appearance in Zion enhances your energy level. It moves you from strength to strength."

58. “Don't let the devil squeeze life out of you. If you are out of fellowship for three weeks, you are running a risk.”

59. "The church is God's storehouse where our spiritual needs are supplied." Malachi 3:10.

60. "It is risk to be a spiritual Area Boy, roaming around, without bearing. You can count on your ten fingers the number of Sunday's I have been out of church since 46 years ago when I gave my life to Christ. I feel like I'm in prison each time I'm not in church. Where else would I be?"

61. "The church is not a club; it is a city of deliverance. If you go back from church the same way you came, then you don't know what Zion carries."

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