10 TESTIMONIES TO THE GLORY OF GOD and the shame of the devil (Recorded live at Honour Entrance, Faith Tabernacle)

1. Moving Object In my Body Vanishes.
“I joined this commission on June 12th this year. I gave my life to Christ and came for WOFBI on September 19th, 2016. Before I came to this church, there was a strange object moving round my body. One day after my WOFBI class, I read the book ‘Exploits of Faith’ by David Oyedepo; and was filled with the spirit of God. I became sure of my healing. I also listened to an Impartation of Power Ministration by Papa preached in August 2013. During the message, he instructed us to place the mantle on our laps, which I did at home. I fell down and upon rising I discovered that everything disappeared; no moving objects anymore. Thanks to God in Jesus name.”
Testifier: Amaka Ebule

2. Body Itching Seized Via Anointing Oil
“During my exams, my body started itching. I thought it was temporary. On my way, it resumed and grew worse when I got home. I took natural herbs to no avail. My parents told me to take the anointing oil but I declined, wondering what the anointing could do. After much ado, I started taking the anointing.  One morning as I was taking my bath, I poured the oil in my water, prayed for God to do a new thing in my life and bathed with it. I came to church on a communion service, took the communion and went home. While speaking to my mum, I noticed I had been talking with her for long and there was no itching, until the following day. That’s how God healed me. I give God all the glory.”
….....Alexandra Olayinka David

“I woke up about three months ago and found out that there was a wound in my leg, thinking it was a mere injury and I applied just water and still it refused to heal. I thought it was a symptom of pregnancy so I went to the hospital yet they could not find anything.
It continued to swell up and turned blue, people said I had stepped on charms. On Wednesday, when Daddy said we should pray for vengeance, I told God that I have been going for outreaches and you blessed me with the fruit of the womb, now God of vengeance show yourself.
That same night I had a dream and saw a king torturing a man asking him what I did. The man said that the fault was not from me that they wanted to get my mummy and that could be done through me. The King asked me and a man dressed in white to go and capture the man, we did and the torture of the man continued. I was given nylon and was asked to go. After I woke up, I discovered that the swollen leg had dried up. I give God all the glory.”

“I am here to glorify the name of God who delivered me yesterday from the spirit of death. On my way coming to church for the covenant hour of prayer at 6:30am, two men stopped me and asked if I did not hear that someone was killed yesterday in my street, I replied no. They kept interrogating me; one was telling the other to leave me saying they couldn’t use me that I was ‘a bad market’, the other refused while I kept telling them I was going to church. To the glory of God they left me alone and I give God all the glory.”

"When the ark bearer sacrifice was announced, the Holy Spirit laid it upon my heart to organize a bus and subsidized the transport fare of some members in my zone. I obeyed and religiously kept at it. Sometimes the devil tried to convince me to stop that it was not necessary but thank God I never stopped. To the glory of God and by His grace on the 5th day of the prayer and fasting, I got a promotion at my place of work something that was not even on my prayer list. I can say God has refunded, added and supernaturally provided for me to continue sowing the seed. To Him alone be all the glory.”
Testifier: FUNTO SANU

“Last week I went to the market with my wife for shopping, we went with a bike leaving our car behind. I never knew that the car was unlocked which was quite unusual of me.
While in the market my phone kept ringing, it was a call from my engineer but I could not pick it due to the noise around. Later I picked it and he told me that my youngest son had been trapped inside the car due to its central lock. By the time we got home, almost everybody in the compound had gathered, saying that God saved my son as he was trapped, collapsed, under the heat. Thank God for the timely intervention of my engineer who broke the rear mirror and rescued him. I give all the glory to God for that deliverance.
Testifier: JOHN MADUME

“In the month of June 2016, I was on my way to the Eastern part of the country. Between Ore and Okada, there was a robbery attack, and everybody was dispossessed of their money, phones and other valuables except me. The robbers asked all passengers to disembark.
Before I left for the journey, I ensured I didn’t forget my 35th Anniversary Mantle. So, when it was my turn to be searched, I quickly brought out my mantle and tied it around my neck. As I got to them, they were blind and could not see me nor open their mouth to ask me for anything as I walked pass them. None of my items was taken away from me. I give God all the glory for that exemption.”
Testifier: Austin Okorie

"My daughter, Monjolaoluwa Taiwo, aged 1year 9months, had been experiencing high temperature for some time, resulting in sleepless nights and persistent thirsts as she would wake up about five times every night to drink water. I was not a member of this church but saw a Zonal Fellowship Centre close to where I live, and decided to join.

I attended the service on 6th July, 2016 with my baby. That Wednesday, after listening to Papa’s message, my level of faith increased. I partook of the Communion and also gave my daughter. When we got home that night, she had a sound sleep and didn’t wake up as usual. Now, she doesn’t experience any discomfort, the temperature is normal. I have come to give God all the glory.”
Testifier: Taiwo kemi

9. Delivered From A Robbery Attacked Through The Mantle
“On June 24th, 2016, I was about travelling for the burial of my in-law in Oburu, Ebonyi State when the Spirit of God reminded me of the Mantle; I had already worn one of the two pairs of trousers where I always put my mantle. We left for the journey. It was a night bus and when we got to Ijebu Ode, we were attacked by robbers around 12 mid-night. Everybody including the driver started jumping out of the bus and running for safety.  I was about doing same when the Spirit stopped me from jumping out of the double decker bus. I brought out my mantle and declared that it should work for me the way it did for Elisha.  The robbers came around the bus but could not enter. God gave us victory.”

Testifier: Bro. Nnamdi  O

“I had suffered from a moving object in my body for about one year. On Wednesday august 3rd I keyed to the prophetic word which says “I won’t go back with any of my problems”. I took the communion; I danced and praised God, afterward by time I woke up the following day; the moving object had disappeared.”
Testifier: Bro Rowland Benjamin

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