BISHOP OYEDEPO @61: 61 Powerful Quotes of Bishop Oyedepo on Diverse Issues (Part ONE)

1. “Very soon, there will be an army of octogenarians in this church. Some will come out and say 'Last week, I just turned 120.' And they will be hale and hearty.”

2. “It is not the scriptures you quote; it is the ones you have consumed. It is our depth in the Word that determines our level of dominion.”

3. “You do all...and you are above all, you do small, and you are above small.”

4. “Keep speaking right for life and death are in the power of the tongue. If you are not filled with the right words, you keep speaking chaff. You can't be filled with the Word and be speaking chaff for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.”

5. “There's no technicality in confession. Practice word addiction, confession becomes natural.”

6. “A Covenant is an unbreakable platform, you either subscribe to its terms or you remain on the same spot. Since I subscribed to the Covenant, I have never suffered any financial stress. You are angry with me, that's your problem.”

7. “Light has no regard for age. Light is light. If a small boy of seven years turns on the switch, won’t light obey? Light will not beg darkness to clear the way; it clears on its own.”

8. “The Word does not work because we preach it; it does not work because we quote it; it does not work because we love it; it works because we DO it.”


9. “Stop begging issues; take responsibility so you don't end up a liability...Be anxious for nothing but seek ye first God’s kingdom...”

10. “If you see anyone who is passionate about God, you had better fear him, because God is the one fighting his battles.”

11. “People who are in partnership with God never get stranded.”

12. “Stars only rise at a cost in the kingdom. And the cost for your rising is turning many into righteousness.”

13. “Turning many to righteousness empowers you to shine forever. God-made stars never go down.”

14. “God’s number one mission on the earth is to save souls. Jesus didn't come to work miracles. There were all kinds of miracles even before Jesus came. Salvation is the principal mission of Christ on the earth. When you commit to soul-winning, you subscribe unto the more-than-a-conqueror lifestyle.”

15. “Remember it is always darkest before dawn. When you are closest to your breakthrough is when your worst temptations come. May this second phase of the wonder double agenda lead to your breaking forth. Every mockery is a blessing in disguise. It provokes the maker to make you.”

16. When you are in partnership with God, he that walketh with the wise shall be wise. You begin to walk on the frequency of heaven’s wisdom. You can't be walking in God’s wisdom and be having crises at home! Psalm 104:24

17. “We are in a kingdom Olympics...after every event, a star rises. Every day of these seven weeks, stars will be rising. You must be listed there.”

18. "I have never in my life witnessed God in raw action the way I have been privileged to see in the past few weeks...This is not our outreach, this is Godreach; It is not our prayer but the prayer-answering God in action."

19. “You are not only redeemed, you are ordained to be a saviour to your household. The reason you are saved before other members of your family is to become instrumental to their salvation. Therefore, it is time to take responsibility to ensure the salvation of every member of your family.”

20. “If there are two people in a well, none can help the other. It takes someone from the outside. Until you are saved, you cannot help the members of your family. As long as you remain in the old root, you can't escape bearing the same old fruit..."

21. “It takes the hand of God to deliver the plan and purpose of God, but it takes faith to move the hand of God. Prayer is impotent without faith...No matter how intent our activities are, if our prayer platform is not very very intense, we won't see results. The prayer is the sowing investment that makes the sickle effectual in the field. ”

22. “God told me, ‘tell anyone on the line for a miracle job, let me engage you and no employer will be able to reject you.”

23. “There’s no end to your breakthroughs as long as your heart is panting after God, after kingdom matters, making kingdom investment.”

24. “No corporate engagement will ever be a substitute for your personal investment. Most of the testimonies you hear are direct results of personal engagements. God said to me, you are absolutely responsible for the outcomes of your life. Isaiah 51:2 no first class student settles only with lectures. He goes behind the scene and does what others won't do...You have everything to become all you have to become this year. If you miss it, it is your fault. Become God-greedy.”


25. “I always take it all and swallow it raw when God speaks to me.”

26. “I’m blessed. You get angry, that’s your fault. He can’t stop blessing me because I’m doing what commits Him to keep blessing me no matter how angry anyone gets.”

27. “It is not enough to have a great coach; it is important to make a great decision of commitment and dedication to the instructions of the coach.”

28. “There’s no sleeping competition in life. If you sleep for 8 hours a day, you sleep one-third of your life, and at age 100, you would have slept for 25years!”

29. “You must rule over your belly lest it ruins your life.”

30. “My phone doesn’t ring out and it doesn’t vibrate. I only know somebody is calling when I look toward that place. Sometimes, somebody could stand in my office for about 15 minutes without me knowing, because I’m working on my assignment. If you are not a hard worker, you will live a hard life. It is hard work that makes high fliers.”

31. “Heaven has no shareholders; you can only get there on God’s terms. Nobody can outgrow repentance.”

32. “If you don't forget what brought you up, you will never come down. On September 4, 1987 at Sheraton hotel, that was when God showed me the mystery of corporate tithing.”

33. “Supernatural blessing is triggered by tithing. It is the supernatural trigger for supernatural blessings. Hebrews 7:8. Jesus is the one that personally overseas our tithes in heaven. He holds the keys of the windows of heaven. When your tithe becomes acceptable, (when it is not rationalized) you have committed Jesus to open the windows of heaven unto you.”

34. “Every treasure you don’t trade will soon become a trash.”

35. “The ‘grasshopper’ mentality disqualifies you from breakthrough. God is not a democrat; ‘whosoever’ is who wins. It takes a needy mentality to become ‘the needy’. You need a disciplined thought and a bridled tongue.”

36. “I have never visited any man for any kind of help and will never do it till I die. I call it ‘dignity in ministry.’”

37. “Discipline is operating as demanded, not as convenient.”


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