#DIRECT FROM PAPA: from the book of the month, Understanding the Power of Praise...

“Nothing greases life like praise! When any system or engine lacks grease, it begins to make a cracking noise. That is how many lives in the body of Christ are today, because they lack the grease of praise.” Page 8

“Many wait on the Lord for 7 days doing nothing but making requests and protests. It is time to start waiting on God to bless Him only! To write out a list of all He has done, and begin to bless Him for them: the several deaths you had died and never got buried; the several sicknesses you are totally free from today; the depression you were going through before that was almost running you mental, from which Jesus delivered you.” Page 9

“To take God for granted is to be grounded. You will make no progress. Those who murmur and complain in the kingdom go in circles, they do not make progress. When you stop appreciating God, you start depreciating! Your way out is acknowledging what has gone before. Doing this will take you to where you are going.” Page 9

“When you pray, God answers, but when you praise, He steps in, in all His glory, might, power, and awesomeness.”
“Praise is not focusing on happenings; it is focusing on the efficacy of scriptures. It is focusing on the integrity of God and the insight that you have received. This is what makes praise endless.” Page 10

“If you want to see God back you up, live a life of endless praise. God will always be there. All those who seek your downfall will remain on the floor while you keep rising.” Page 11/12

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