"I PROPHESY OVER YOU THIS WEEK!" By Bishop David Oyedepo

As you praise God, whatever is obstructing your deliverance shall be leveled, and your miracle will be delivered in Jesus' name!

  • In the twinkling of an eye, whatever has held you bound shall let you go today in the mighty name of Jesus!
  • That affliction in your life is terminated!
  • Whatever makes people spite you shall be turned to a testimony today in Jesus' name!
  • Today and all through this month, as you praise God, that mountain in your life shall be dissolved in Jesus’ name!
  • From today, you will experience God’s inexplicable but undeniable wonders in your life!
  • The grace of God will work wonders in your life!
  • This week, you will take delivery of your miracle children!
  • I decree the manifestation of your breakthrough testimonies in Jesus' name!
  • Something dignifying is delivered to you today!
  • Your case is settled!
  • Any issue of concern to you will be resolved before the end of this month in Jesus' name
  • My God is never late, whenever He steps in, He resolves issues!


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