• The sovereign God who made the universe and everything therein has EVERY power to make all things at His will in the twinkling of an eye, BUT there is ONLY one thing God cannot do for himself and that is to PRAISE HIMSELF!
  • God inhabits the praises of His people. He delights in exaltation of His name through words of appreciations from the lips of men – just as it is natural for everyone to delight in those who praise them.
  • When you pray and fast, you invoke God’s presence but when you praise Him, He comes down in His majesty with heavenly aura to take charge!
  • One way to provoke the wrath of God is to mock anyone who praises Him. Hagai in the Bible saw David praising God naked and she made mockery of David, and she remained barren forever.
  • Are you faced with a seemingly insurmountable challenge? Are you tired of praying or frustrated of fasting? There is one never-failing weapon that you need to deploy and that is the weapon of praise.
  • Every God-praiser always ends up a trailblazer. Every complainer always ends up a frustrated individual.
  • Praising God is a commandment that must be obeyed by anyone who desires to experience a change of levels in all spheres of life. Therefore, your predicament does not need further bitter romance either through your complaints or state of mind.
  • Even in prison, Joseph’s countenance was always joyful and God turned things around in his favour. Paul and Silas also engaged the mystery of praise in the prison which brought about the opening of the prison doors without any human effort. Jesus, the Son of God had to give thanks to God in Canaan in Galilee before turning water to wine. He also gave thanks at the tomb of Lazarus before He called the deceased from the tomb.
  • Praise invokes the blessings of God. To access the unlimited power to make wealth you need to be praiseful. More so, for our blessings to be preserved, praise is key. Remember, if you are praiseful you cannot be wasteful.
  • The reason you have remained on that same spot for years is probably not because you don’t pray enough, neither is it because your fasting is not in place. It might just be that your praise is not in place!
  • Prayer is the answer key while praise is the delivery key to every height of success. Therefore, the more you praise, the more He blesses and preserves your fortune.
               Praise yea the Lord!

…Israel Oluleye

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  1. so true. even in hard times praise is what i do. Truly it confuses the enemies


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