TESTIMONIES TO THE GLORY OF GOD and the shame of the devil (Recorded live at Honour Entrance, Faith Tabernacle)

Healed Of Eye Problem
I was operated on in 2012 and after then, I began to experience boils on and off at a two-week interval, making me not to be able to see properly. During a One Hour prayer section one day, I presented the issue to God. As I touched my eyes and prayed, it was as if something was washing my eyes; then I realized I could see clearly with my eyes and the boils disappeared. I am now free at last. Thank you JESUS.
Testifier: Gideon Fabian

Healed of a broken leg
“My name is Patrick I’m giving this testimony on behalf of my Aunt in the U.S.A. it happened that she fell from the stairs two months ago and her leg was broken and she’s been bed-ridden due to the cast on her leg. But last week Sunday she hooked to the service online, as the message was going on the cast suddenly broke off, and for the first time in two months, she walked.
This is the picture and video attached. I returned all the glory to God.”

Jesus is Lord!!!

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