(Part 3) These Can Only Be God: August 2016 Testimonies (Recorded Live at the Honour Entrance, Faith Tabernacle)

"I lost my job in 2013, that same year I became a part of this commission.  I sowed my infinity jeep as a seed to God and in 2015 I got a job as a chief engineer in the vessel. In the course of the job, I was kidnapped. After a month, we were miraculously released by the kidnappers through God's intervention though I lost the job. In January 2016, I focused on the fasting and prayer and I increased mine to 30 days as against the 21 days. Thereafter I got a job as a Chief Engineer of another company. Later, I lost that job then I told my wife I was going to attend the LCC WOFBI program. Four days after I started the LCC, I was called by a white man whom I worked with 5years ago. I met with him last week Friday and he asked me to be the Co-owner of his company. I give God all the glory."
Testifier: Patrick Efomere

"During one of the Shiloh services, my colleagues and I did a logo and dedicated it to Papa, he asked us to lie down and he prayed for us. He declared that we will go like pillars around the world. I had an issue with my leg which was bowed and my parents had tried to do the operation in the country twice when I was about 11 years, but the surgeries were not successful. I was opportune to travel to Europe and I was called for a surgery on the leg which I didn't pay for. The surgery was successful and the leg is now okay. I give God all the glory for granting me strength all through the period and perfecting the surgery.
Testifier: Fidelis Eyorobo

"I was 10 months overdue for delivery of my child, the Doctor said I would have to undergo CS because my blood level was very low and the placenta was very weak, I told God I will come back to testify if he delivers me. One of my sisters who is a member of this church gave me communion, I took it and my blood level began to increase. 
On the 5th of July 2016, God helped me and I delivered my baby safely.  After the delivery, there was still some bleeding and I kept shouting "Blood of Jesus Christ speak for me". Suddenly, the blood seized.  I have come to give all the glory to God for delivering me without blood transfusion.
Testifier: Chika Success Edwin

"God saved me from the dungeon of death after so many years of childlessness, I finally got pregnant in 2015 during the prophetic Wonder Double season and it was the same period I joined the Sanctuary Unit.  After that, I gave birth in January this year through CS, I practically passed on but God brought me back. I kept hearing Papa's voice telling me to declare to myself that I would not die and my baby would not die. After the surgery, they forgot the stitching rope in my body. A few months later, it started swelling and bringing out pus. They told me they were going to operate me again, but to the glory of God while they were cleaning it to bring out the pus they got the head of the rope and started drawing it out and that was the end. I have come to return the glory to God for keeping me alive and keeping my daughter alive.
Testifier: Ruth Friday

"During the 21 days fasting and prayers, I asked God to grant me a multi-million deal contract via my album and I named the marketers I actually wanted. During the Covenant Hour of Prayer, Papa said if you want to see the raw manifestation of the power of God we should switch over our prayer to Kingdom-focused prayers so I obeyed according to Deuteronomy 28. Now God has granted my request and I'm here to return all the glory to Him."
Testifier: Sunday Wilson

"I want to thank God for my successful graduation. At the peak of my academic Career, I came through a lot of challenges but I thank God that today I am the first graduate in my family. Praise the Lord!"
Testifier: Stephen Odoh

"I want to thank God for granting me divine favor, I have been going for interviews and I have never been called back even when I run their trainings and write exams. Recently, I went for an interview, among the people that were picked for the job, God favored me. I was invited last Sunday of last month and on Tuesday morning, I was called that the job I was interviewed for was waiting for me. I am grateful to God for giving me such miracle, which I had never witnessed in my life before. I want to return all the glory to God!"
Testifier: Kelechi Sunday

"I am here to testify to the goodness of God in my life. I joined this great commission on January 1, 2015. A long time ago, my dad had an accident and since then, he has been behaving abnormal. Luckily for me, I joined Faith Tabernacle on one anointing service day and heard the Bishop said every curse in our families must be broken this moment, I keyed into it and began to pray. I never knew my prayers had an effect in my mom’s village where the wicked ones there began to die.
On a call to enlist in the operation “Possess the land” declared by Bishop Oyedepo, I joined the rescue squad and engaged in the proclaimed seven-day prayer and fasting from May 30- June 5th, 2016.
I prayed to God to heal my father and surprisingly, I got a call from my cousin that my dad was doing great like never before. I was so excited by the news that indeed God of Oyedepo really answers prayer. To God be all the glory!"
Testifier: Elizabeth Ojehuwa

                                    SAVED FROM A CAR ACCIDENT!
"On Friday, 15th July, I was on my way to the office in the morning, I alighted at Yaba because I wanted to do something, my mantle was in my bag but later, I brought it out and put it inside my right pocket. I was on the walkway but before I knew it, a Sienna car flew down from nowhere. I did not even expect it, it almost knocked me down but thank God I was having the mantle in my right pocket and that was the side the car wanted to hit me. Before I raised up my head, I saw the car inside the fence. This incident took place at Yaba Health Centre. I thank God I was not knocked down and nothing happened to me. I give all the glory to God!"

Testifier: Bro Agbonze Aikwenwanwo Michael


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