GOD@WORK: Testimonies Harvested At The Honour Entrance, Faith Tabernacle

“Somebody introduced me to this church a day before Covenant day of vengeance. When I saw the flyer, I realised my problems. Every blessed year I experienced cobwebs pouring on my body. At first, I didn't take it seriously until poverty and dryness became unbearable. I told some persons about how the cobwebs poured on me, they said it was not good and besides it kills. I made up my mind to be at Faith Tabernacle; I accompanied my neighbour to church and also told him I must see the Bishop, I was told that I don't need to see the Bishop but God and that whatever I tell Him, my request would be granted. We prepared for church and went to the loading bay and joined others coming to church. After service, the cobwebs were so much on my face and still followed me home. I came again the following Sunday with the cobwebs, when it was time for the communion I took my portion and then I saw smoke, in the third service I took my portion again and I saw smoke as well, and someone had to lead me to my seat, and that was the end of that siege. Up till today no more cobwebs. It has disappeared forever. Praise God.”
Testifier: Ogbonna Phillip

“I want to thank God for delivering me from hard drugs, masturbation and stealing, and giving me focus for my life. I was confused about life but right now I am so convinced about life and God's plan and purpose for my life. Instead of getting high on high drugs, I get high in the Holy Ghost. Praise God!”
Testifier: Emmanuel O.

“Where I am living now, I will be six years this year. Since we moved into the apartment there is this cat that disturbs at 12am till dawn, we did everything to stop it; most times we hold vigils just to make sure it stops. Three months later I was invited to this church and it was an anointing service; after service that day I got home and sprinkled the oil in the ceiling and up till now we have not heard any disturbing noise again. I return the glory to the God of this commission. Praise God!”
Testifier: Chinyere Ekechukwu

Testimonies compiled by Sis. Rhema Itua

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