Many worshippers were stunned by the absence of Bishop David Oyedepo from the service at Faith Tabernacle - Canaanland, Ota on Sunday 25th September 2016. This is not a usual occurrence at the headquarters of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, as the spiritual leader has always remained on duty these past 35 years in ministry. Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr, the Resident Pastor effectively mounted the rostrum for the five services of the day with a running theme: "On the way to my high places’.

However, none of Jesus’ ardent followers through His servant can feign ignorance to the uniqueness of the month of September in the commission - celebration of various revelations as well as the presiding Bishop’s birthday. 

On September 12th, 1976 young David Olaniyi Oyedepo, basking in the euphoria of his newly found “jackpot of life” in Mathew 6 verse 33, made his fiancĂ©e then Miss Florence Abiola to co-sign a covenant making him to turn his back on everything in the world to face God squarely.
At the fortieth year of this discovery, the architect-turned preacher says he has never seen such a mass salvation of souls in the streets, harvesting 8,626 souls between February 15 and September 18, 2016 with over 5,000 already established in church.
Some of Papa's converts who always 'mark attendance' at the Honour Entrance, Faith Tabernacle
The cleric ‘fished’ in the streets of Ota, preaching the gospel to those one won't ordinarily imagine he would have time for - roadside mechanics, tipper drivers, market women, okada riders, and the likes. And this was neither on a crusade ground nor Christian meeting but a personal drive - the common way of evangelizing; knocking at people’s doors, accosting them on the streets or shops to share the Good News, armed with his newly acquired pair of megaphones.
Bishop David Oyedepo

These figures don’t include the proceeds of Bishop Oyedepo’s global evangelism, criss-crossing West and central Africa before jetting into the United States of America for a tour in Houston, New York, Maryland among others, where the celebrant, accompanied by wife will mark his 62nd birthday today with Dr Kenneth Copeland.

By Laurent Kel

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  1. Can't stop loving you Papa you are to dear to me. May God continue to increase the grace upon your life. Happy belated birthday daddy

  2. Even though I've never met you one on one before, you have greatly impacted my life through books, tapes & dreams. My son who was born on your birthday shall be named, David. More impactful years, my papa. PST.COLLINS AKOH.

  3. Happy Birthday.will not stop believe in ur prophecy just move to the u.s.in Detroit on winner.but i do come service every Sunday on line live at canaanland.God u papa.


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