Bishop Oyedepo @ 62: 62 Powerful Quotes of Bishop David Oyedepo (Part One: Quotes on Divine Wisdom | Word practice | Obedience)

1. God is helpless without your obedience. Write it down. It is obedience to the truth that triggers the miraculous.

2. There are no men of timber and calibre here. Everyone is a covenant timber and calibre.

3. The blessing of Deuteronomy 28 is anchored in verse 1. If you miss verse 1, every other thing is just rhetoric, saying or chanting something you don't even understand.

4. Every discovery leads to access to your recovery...Don’t look at what somebody else is doing, do what you have been asked to do; and engage with it as if you are the only one who heard it. Because He does not reward groups, He rewards individuals.

5. God doesn’t discriminate – He chooses you based on what you have chosen.

6. There may not be a scientific link between water and wine but if He says fill the pots with water, that's where your answer lies. You may have a swimming pool in your house, but if He says go to Jordan to wash, that's where your answer lies.

7. Even if I lay legs on you, it can’t change your position without obedience. The greatest benefit in redemption lies in stewardship. (See Ex. 23:25; Job 36:11)

8. The devil is not your problem; your not being in partnership with Christ is your problem. Take your eyes off the devil.

9. Wisdom is knowing the right thing to do from the Word and doing it. You seek one thing to gain command of all other things...that’s why I call it a covenant jackpot.

10. Those who walk do so by common sense; those who run, run by principles; and those who fly, fly by instructions. That’s why at the Aviation school, you have instructors, not professors.

11. The eagle doesn’t flap its wings – it goes with the wind. If you go where the Spirit of God is going, you don’t struggle.

12. When you are in partnership with God, he that walketh with the wise shall be wise. You begin to walk on the frequency of heaven’s wisdom. You can't be walking in God’s wisdom and be having crises at home!

13. We have over-celebrated common sense, that’s why we miss out of divine sense (divine wisdom).

14. God is helpless without your obedience. Write it down. It is obedience to the truth that triggers the miraculous.

15. The Word does not work because we preach it; it does not work because we quote it; it does not work because we love it; it works because we DO it.

16. Every drug has an expiry date except the Word.

17. Every other book is made up of letters; the Bible is made up of wonders. And part of the wonders is divine nature.

18. Now tell me, what is a man doing with 2 cars when he is only just starting a business? Meanwhile, he is all over the place looking for capital. He is committing a capital sin!

19. There's no technicality in confession. Practice word addiction, confession becomes natural.

20. The eagle has unusual strength…eat the lion’s meal which is the gospel of Christ. Go for the ‘treated’ Word of the Lord…generate enough heat to chase the devil out of your life.

21. There is no way you can use scientific measures to understand the truth of the gospel, because it is far above it. Science cannot authenticate the truth. God says: For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways (Isaiah 55:8). That is why we cannot use the wisdom of this world to authenticate the truth of God’s word. You have to be spiritually minded to grasp the things of God. Embrace the ‘foolishness’ of the gospel, so that your wisdom can be established upon the earth, because the foolishness of God is wiser than men and His weakness is stronger than men. So whatever He tells you to do, do it, or you keep going in circles.

22. I always take it all and swallow it raw when God speaks to me.

23. A Covenant is an unbreakable platform, you either subscribe to its terms or you remain on the same spot. Since I subscribed to the Covenant, I have never suffered any financial stress. You are angry with me, that's your problem.

24. You don't need an eighteen-hour vision to fulfill your glorious destiny; you just need to catch your own picture on the pages of Scriptures.

25. Life is an adventure in opportunities. Your access to the top lies in your delightsome obedience to His words. (See Deut. 28:1)

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  1. I thank God that Bishop is a Nigerian from my tribe. I believe God to still link me with him if he was from other continent. I bless God I am fulfilled. I am a winner by my own choice. Halleluyah! God bless my Bishop

  2. Am a Kenyan and am blessed to have him as my spiritual father

  3. Bishop David Oyedepo is a many sided man. His words are powerful because he operates by the wisdom from above. It's a privilege to feed from him. To God be the glory!


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