"IN THIS MONTH OF APRIL..." Bishop David Oyedepo

  • Open your mouth and begin to declare what the month of April will be for you
  • You shall have whatsoever you say
  • Begin to give April a name that you want
  • Suddenly you will discover that challenge is no longer there
  • You are in your season of rewards; Prizes are being handed down in form of turnaround testimonies
  • This is your month; say with me, “This is my month”. Say it with confidence; say it boldly; say it violently!
  • He is risen; He’s not here: You’ll never be found where you used to be anymore!
  • Every negative thing that used to be associated with you comes to an end this month
  • Grace to keep engaging, receive it right now
  • Grace not to faint before your returns arrive, receive it right now.
  • You won’t lose anything that belongs to you this month
  • Everyone called barren is now declared fruitful!
  • Everyone called solitary is now settled in their families!
  • This month of April, you are celebrating your change of story.
  • This is your best month till date! Keep celebrating that as you go out today: this is your best month till date!
  • Go forth, and return with your testimonies.
  • In Jesus’ Name.
  • Together let’s share the goodness...

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