Behold, Our Resident Pastor, Faith Tabernacle!!!

It began as a very “pleasant rumour” in some quarters; many talked about it in hushed tones; others wondered who was going to replace Pastor Ubong Ntia. However, confirmation came earlier today (January 9, 2016) at exactly 11am at the 2016 Annual Workers’ Forum which held at Faith Tabernacle and transmitted live. Pastor David Oluwamakinde Oyedepo (Jnr), the Oral Roberts' University graduate and first son of the Presiding Bishop, was officially announced as the Resident Pastor, Faith Tabernacle, Headquarters of the Living Faith Church World Wide, amid standing ovation and shouts of Glory from the congregation.
There’s a lot to write about this humble man of God and son of the Prophet, especially what God did in the UK under his leadership, but first, read how his wife, Mrs. Kemi Oyedepo said “See You Soon” to Winners’ Chapel London on her Facebook Page:

“So we have officially said "see you soon😉" to Winners Chapel London!I salute you all!!It was such an awesome ride. It's a special place to me because that is where I came in as a Pastor's wife. And everyone embraced me and allowed me to grow!!That is where I first learnt what it means, among other things, to carry the joys, sorrows, and burdens of so many other people. That is where I was stretched beyond my wildest imaginations. That is where I grew so much spiritually. That is where I learnt to put not one or two people first, but a great number of people. In all, it has been a great privilege.There is still so much learning to do but I am so grateful for where it began for me. And I specially thank God so much for the privilege of standing by this great vessel, David Oyedepo Jnr and supporting him as God engraced me to!The growth we both experienced here in the span of 7/8 years cannot be explained or denied. Thank you Winners Chapel London for your unwavering love, acceptance, support & most especially your prayers (never ever stop praying for us)! I never knew I could love so many people at the same time. To you all, from the bottom of my heart I say thank you for allowing me to be part of your life, your growth, your family, and so much more in my own small way! Keep the fire burning & keep looking to God, who is your ultimate rewarder!The path of the just must shine brighter💥💥 so we are only moving towards greater shinning! I believe God that the same will be your testimony!You will always have a very special place in our hearts!I look forward to your ear-tingling testimonies!Remain upheld by the Word of His power. UNENDING HUGS TO YOU ALL." 

Postscript: Watch this space for more



  1. Wow!!! Pastor David Oyedepo Junior indeed and of a truth as been really incredible and amazing in his service both to humanity, the church and the body of christ, i am patiently waiting to read any book he writes and lauch, he is a Bank loaded with knowledge and wisdom.


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