As usual, it starts with the Morning Hour of Devotion with admonitions from the Man of God which soon followed by more than thirty minutes of effective prayers.

The Man of God admonishes the congregation that there should not be any need for them to be frustrated in any aspect of their life as that is the intention of Satan, instead, they should find hope and faith in the words that, because they have had the faith to be at Shiloh ground, every of their supplication will be answered.

The best prayer to be offered to God, is the prayer for church growth because the church is the light of the world and if the light of God is allowed to shine in everything we are engaged in, darkness will cease to exist; as praying for church growth is the security and assurance of every community, State and country because until light is adequate, darkness will continue to rejoice.

And with the prayers for church growth, comes the preaching of raw gospel where the devil and his enterprise of wickedness are continuously lambasted to realize the growth and development of the country both in the spiritual sense as well as the physical.

And there cannot be any form of prevailing until the church starts to grow in the right direction towards revival and restoration. The only thing that can light it up and sustain this revival and the restoration of the church, our communities and the nations of the world, especially, the country Nigeria is the amount of light that is found in our souls and spirit and the intensity of that light to drive away all forms of darkness.

Eberekpe Whyte

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