Prophet’s Admonitions @Shiloh Day 4

It is a day of prayer and admonition and blessing from the throne of heaven upon the children of God from the Shepherd of God, Bishop David Oyedepo. The Man of God mounts the altar in his traditional white raiment and speaks to the people as he is led by the spirit of God with the energy of youth and vigour as if he has not clocked six decades and three hundred and sixty-five days on earth. He speaks to the people thus while the flock listens with deep and quiet intent for the crowd has grown even much bigger than the first unto the third day:

1.      The greatest task before me is to succeed and be as an example to my flock which my father in heaven has bestowed upon me as good shepherd who has been called upon by God to lead you to the place of joy and aplenty
2.      Therefore hearken unto my voice for if I do not lie to myself I have no right to lie to you and court the anger of my father who is in heaven who has called me.
3.      If I do not fail as my father in heaven is not a failure, the flock shall not fail, especially on this day at Shiloh. For failure this day has been buried and killed in your life.
4.      But you all must be sanctified as I have been sanctified for your sake; for it is only through this shall all that you have received at this Shiloh stay permanent in your life to the mockery of Satan.
5.      As I have been a good example to you my sheep, likewise should you replicate this to the world for we are the salt of the earth and we should never lose that saltiness.
6.      My dear flock, do not be sluggish at heart as you posses all the potentials to change your world for its betterness and to the glory of my father in heaven who has called me to be your shepherd and you, my flock.
7.      There is nothing better for the health and goodness of the heart than the right sacrifices to bring about all the potential my father in heaven has put in you to use for your own good and the good of the whole world.
8.      So, keep your heart clean and pure and think right and good thoughts always.
9.      Your growth shall suffer limitation if you force that growth to come about yet you do not provoke it.
10.  Force does not bring about breakthrough but provocation of the spirit by doing that which is right before man and God in heaven with all the right vision.
11.  The scripture admonishes you that you should pray without ceasing, and I tell you that how right the scripture is and you must pray as if without prayer you have no other life.
12.  Pray in whatever language and with your spirit alive, for God in heaven has no language, as He is neither English nor German nor an American nor a Nigerian; the only language He knows is the purity of the soul and the spirit and the intent of the communication with Him.
13.  There is nothing extra-ordinary on its own without your input of prayer and the size of your vision and your decision to realise that vision.
14.  For growth without prayer is growth that will head in the direction of perishing.
15.  Should you not be weary of those who come to you and tell you that you should take it easy with life when you are in the right course and pursuit and my father in heaven sees that this is right?
16.  Away with this kind of people for they have nothing to offer you than to talk you out of your destiny.
17.  Oh, my dear flock, you must take responsibility of every little beginning heaven has offered you because in your small beginning that is well managed with discipline and God’s blessing, there your greatness shall be established.
18.  Finally, my dear flock, there is no price required that you are not equipped to pray for.
19.  Pray and yet pray and believe with faith with the greatest faith that it is done.
20.  For my father in heaven is a listener to a prayerful heart for at the right time even the earth will bow and heaven shall be glorified. The Man of God finishes and comes down from the altar and there is silence inside the church except the different languages and voices of praying.

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