November 8th 2015, the prophetic theme for Shiloh 2015 was read from the epistle from the President of the Living Faith Church Worldwide in all the churches, declaring Shiloh 2015 as, “From Glory To Glory”.
As you read this, all is set for the great event which begins on Tuesday December 8, 2015. Spiritually - Shiloh 2015 Intercessory Prayer Guidelines had been shared to members to pray towards Shiloh 2015. Physically - all the road networks
leading to the church are being maintained to allow a smooth flow into Canaanland.
All the church departments have been meeting now almost on a daily basis preparatory to Shiloh 2015.

Expectations are high because of the move of God this year from the midst of the year till now, as Papa has said God has told him that giants in all the industries globally will emerge from this platform. Everyone is spiritually expectant based on the prophetic theme, From Glory To Glory to hear God speak to them, reveal the next steps to take in order to be partakers of the prophetic blessing at this year’s Shiloh.

Those whose nature of jobs would not permit to be on ground are already scouting for viewing centers close to their places of work or home so they can be part of the great hand of God at Shiloh, while others have the Domi radio apps on their mobile devices downloaded or stream live so as not to miss a second of the event.

While some foreign delegates are still preparing to come and have their respective countries represented, many are already on ground; as of December 6, 2015, two days to Shiloh, over 24 nations were already represented at Canaanland.

Truly, Shiloh 2015 is going to be a platform for the emergence of giants.
Don't miss it for anything! 
Jesus is Lord!
Esther Oyanna

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