Undoubtedly, Shiloh has been a mountain of solutions and answers to prayers. Since the inception of Shiloh in 1999, amazing testimonies have been recorded either live on ground at Cannanland or from those who have connected online through the various platforms.
Shiloh is here again and many, especially among the new converts may be wondering, what is so special about Shiloh? Why do I have to be connected during these days? Some of the reasons include:

Ø  Shiloh is not an anniversary, a convention, seminar, workshop or summit. It is a divine appointment for the Winners’ Family Worldwide, ordained for the advancement of God’s people both as individuals and as a Commission.
Ø  Shiloh is the birth place of end-time giants, as written in Obadiah 21 and Joel 3:11.
Ø  Shiloh is also a prophetic platform for divine visitations. We must understand that every divine visitation comes with clarity of communication, instructions and direction and indisputably, God appears at Shiloh (1 Samuel 3:21).
Ø  Shiloh is a divine appointment for the advancement of every Winner. Advancement connotes enlargement, lifting and change of levels among others (1 Samuel 12:6).
Ø  Furthermore, graves are opened at Shiloh. Thus, expect your spiritual, marital, family, business, health and career graves to be opened supernaturally (Ezekiel 37:11-13).
Therefore, everyone is admonished to prepare adequately and be highly expectant for definite and undeniable encounters that will change the stories of our lives forever, as we appear before the Lord at #Shiloh 2015.

Sophia Ukoni

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