“The Ark Of Revival Has Landed On Our Shores,” Bishop Says, As He Declares Shiloh 2015 Open

The 17th edition of Shiloh, the divine appointment of the Living Faith Church aka Winners Chapel began on a glorious note as hundreds of thousands of people gathered at the Faith Tabernacle and more at the overflow sections outside the 50,000 capacity auditorium.
Part of those at Canaanland, Ota last night were 579 delegates from Ghana, 60 delegates from Botswana, 92 delegates from Congo Kinshasha and others totalling 47 nations already represented. 

Notable sons of the prophet present at the opening session were Pastor Paul Enenche from Abuja, David Ibiyeomie from Port Harcourt as well as sons from the ministry. The sent man for the Winners Family, Bishop David Oyedepo fondly called Papa enlightened all that a divine visitation was the outcome of being at Shiloh and urged everyone to engage to see to that reality.

"Shiloh is not a church convention, but a platform for divine visitation. Expect to be visited like Sarah was visited. Somebody was here dying of prostate cancer and he came for Shiloh staying for five days, he returned cancer-free forever. That is a manifestation of divine visitation,” says Papa. Speaking further, he drew the attention of how receiving instructions and obeying them was crucial to being a high-flier. He said, "Shiloh is a mountain of prophetic instructions. Every pilot flies by instruction not by opinion. Those who don't have value for instructions don't have a future with God.”

Continuing, he said, “High fliers are made by instructions. Every divine instruction is for our change of position. Expect prophetic releases that will change your stories forever. Today, we speak to about 170 nations during our regular services because God said so. Two weeks ago, we had a special feet washing service and I said, there is cleansing power in this water. A young man had an affliction for 22 years eating his vomit. But the prophetic word came and he partook of the feet washing service. When he got home, he took breakfast on Saturday morning and for the first time in 22 years, he did not vomit. That unclean demon fled from his life," says Bishop Oyedepo.

The prophetic unction was visibly strong on him and he declared, "The ark of revival has landed on our shores and Nigeria will be a vital force in driving the end-time agenda and this church is being positioned to play a leading role in the revival. There will be a series of outbursts at Shiloh 2015. Authority in the end-time will be domiciled in the church. A revival has begun. The Spirit of God is moving across all age groups. Africa is being visited, something never known before is breaking forth!"

In the first teaching series, ENGAGING THE WONDERS OF DIVINE VISITATION, Bishop Oyedepo taught believers to know that one can be in the midst of a revival or divine visitation and not know it. Using different scriptures, including Luke 19:44, Genesis 28:16 and Zephaniah 3:17, he said that every divine visitation was to fulfil a divine agenda. He urged all to quit churchism and being a casual believer so as not to remain a victim of divine visitation.

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