“Between 2010 and January 2013, I spent almost 75% ample time in the hospital. I was diagnosed with full-blown “BLOOD CANCER" precisely LYMPHOMA. I went through series of chemotherapy treatments in 2011 to clear the cancer cells from my body. I almost died on the hospital bed after a strong dose of two days chemotherapy and four days full body radiation with bone marrow transplant.

On January 11, 2013, I laid lifeless on the hospital bed. I connected to one of the services in Canaanland via the internet and it was a Feet Washing Service. When I heard Bishop Oyedepo’s voice, it energized me. I stood to follow his instructions to get a bowl of water for the feet washing. Meanwhile, I was in excruciating pain, but was desperate for my healing.
During the feet washing session, I dipped my feet into the bowl of water but couldn't bend to wash them with my hands. All I did was rub and scrub one foot with the other and said ‘Amen’ to the Bishop’s prayer. Right there, I slept off for about 20minutes. When I woke up, I felt a tremendous change in my body―the pains vanished, my legs became lighter and I felt real peace and joy.
Amazingly, the colour of the water in the bowl had completely changed to a palm wine-like colour. Immediately, I knew God had rescued me. I am finally healed!” ---Mr. Bidemi

“I joined this Commission in 2014 through the invitation of a Zonal pastor. I was pregnant for three years and had gone to several churches, including offering sacrifices to idols for a solution to no avail. I also sold my belongings and spent all I had in futility.
In the process, my husband died in a motor accident, until I met a Zonal minister during the district outreach, who invited me for the Mid-week Service, which was also a Feet Washing Service.
At first, I refused because there was no connection between my leg and the pregnancy. I told him all I needed at that point was to wash my stomach and not my leg. However, he said if my leg was being washed, my whole body, including my stomach would also be washed
I told my neighbors about the Feet Washing Service and they discouraged me. Later, I encouraged myself and attended the service. During the service, Bishop Oyedepo said we should tell the God of this Commission what we wanted. I prayed to God that I wanted to deliver my baby after the Feet-washing.
After I dipped my leg into the water, immediately, I started feeling strange pains. The pain was so much that my baby changed position. Miraculously, I delivered my baby without any operation. I give God all the glory!”
---Adenike Elizabeth Adesanya

“Though I am married and blessed with four children, I was still bedwetting. I did all I could to stop, but to no avail. So, I accepted it as my fate.
When I joined this Commission, my faith increased. I remembered Bishop Oyedepo said that whatever was not so from the beginning would be rooted out. So, I kept praying, knowing that bedwetting was not from the beginning.
I rededicated my life to Christ, went for water baptism and attended the Believers’ Foundation Class. I also engaged in Covenant practice, keyed into all prophetic instructions and read the book, The Healing Balm.
During the Feet Washing Service in July 2013, the Bishop said we should write what we did not want in our lives. So, I wrote that bedwetting would be terminated in my life.
To the glory of God, the bedwetting ceased. Praise the Lord!”
---Ogbonna Blessing 
“I joined this Commission on January 4, 1997 in Warri, Delta State. After I graduated in 2000, from the University of Benin, no job was forthcoming. In that frustration, I travelled to Lagos to learn a trade that I would afterwards set up in Warri.
One day, I met an old friend who invited me to Canaan land. I came on September 25, 2005, and it was a Feet Washing Service. While Bishop Oyedepo ministered, he declared, ‘Henceforth, the dignity of Christ will trail all your steps and the grace of God will manifest itself in every area of your life.’ I claimed and confessed that prophetic word continuously from that day.
Shortly after, I applied for a position in a company and was invited for an interview. I didn’t know what to say or do, but prayed: ‘Lord, you will honour your word.’
All through the interview, I kept hearing that prophetic word from the Bishop. Behold, only two candidates were picked and I was the first! To God be the glory!” ---Oganah Charles


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