After Shiloh 2015, What Next?

Shiloh 2015 officially ended on December 12, 2015 with an impartation service. Yet, the effects, miracles and blessings will keep speaking in the lives of God’s people.
On Sunday, December 13, at Shiloh’s Thanksgiving Service, Bishop David Abioye in his sermon emphasized the importance of thanksgiving.  According to him, all great men are grateful men. He made reference to Daniel, Joseph and Paul, who were men of exploits in their fields.  After receiving our blessings, testimonies or answers to prayers, returning to thank God is a necessity. This is because thanksgiving is a sign of acknowledgement and recognition of God as the worker.

Therefore, why do we give thanks?

  • To preserve our blessings: Recognize that God gives in response to our prayers and keeps them in response to our thanksgiving (Malachi 2:1-3).
  • To perfect our blessings: We must never get used to God’s acts and doings and forget to thank Him (Luke 17:13-17).
  • To multiply our blessings: When we pray, God gives us enough but when we thank Him, He gives us more than enough (John 6:1-11, Acts 2:47).
  • To keep the anointing of the Holy Spirit fresh on our lives: To avoid becoming stale, we must give God thanks (Psalm 92: 1-3, 10).
However, to give thanks acceptably, we must:
  • Do it cheerfully (2 Corinthians 9:7).
  • Do it quickly: Delayed thanksgiving is unacceptable thanksgiving (Jeremiah 13:15-16).
  • Do it with the understanding of why and what to get in return: For example perfection, multiplication, fresh oil, etc (Psalm 47:7).
  • Do it intensely: One leper fell on his face to thank Jesus for his healing, not caring who was watching and with a loud voice not caring who was listening (Luke 17:15-16).
Sophia Ukoni

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