Good News: (SHARE THIS UNTIL THE WHOLE WORLD IS AWARE): This coming Wednesday is a blood of sprinkling service for the last quarter in 2015.

“I decree that this coming Wednesday, my God will set you apart for the experience of the reality of heaven on earth. Every of your choking experience must come to an end. The blood covenant is our stronghold in battle. When the blood is sprinkled, it starts speaking. Come this Wednesday and experience the wonders of the blood of sprinkling.
Every handwriting against you shall be blotted out by the blood.
Exemption is guaranteed by this mystery. Everything you value is sprinkleable. The beauty is that this is ordained an ordinance forever. Its effect is transgenerational.

Every captor holding any one captive will have no choice but let you go in Jesus name.”
--- Bishop David Oyedepo

PS: Please keep sharing this! Let's spread the word. Give no room to the devil. If he escaped the feet washing, he can't escape this!

Let your Amen show that you believe. 

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