•  I speak to your life today, “Peace be still in the name of Jesus!”
  •  That issue of mockery in your life is turned to a testimony of envy in the mighty name of Jesus!
  • The God of heaven that settled Sarah and gave her Isaac is the same God that settled Jabez and enlarged his coast. Therefore, that same God will settle you in Jesus’ name!
  • You will not act careless with God's ordained plan for your life in the name of Jesus!
  • Every issue regarding your family, finances, and your career are settled today!
  • Your change of level is sealed today and your mockers will see it this year in the name of Jesus!
  • Evil must miss you!
  • This year marks the end of financial hardship in your life!
  • An end has finally come to all forms of ups and downs in your life in the name of Jesus!
  • Your desired fruitfulness is settled in the name of Jesus!
  • Every pressure around your life is turned to testimony!
  • Whatever is mocking your Christian testimony is terminated in the name of Jesus!
  • The peace of God shall reign supreme in Nigeria before, during and after elections in the name of Jesus Christ!
  • God is not a man and He is not limited by situations and circumstances. Therefore, every prophetic word He has spoken concerning you will be speedily fulfilled in Jesus’ name!
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