Prophetic Declaration:

"God does not bless groups; He blesses individuals based on their engagement. It is stewardship that guarantees sustenance in the faith, not gift. Catch grace to be among the front-runnersThis coming Sunday, it shall be evident that you are not an onlooker; You must make it this year and at you must make at least one of your prizes this quarter. In the name of Jesus Christ, an amazing army of prize winners will arise from this platform this season."

"Many of you will fill your cloud this season; and when your cloud is full, your rain must fall.
These last three days, whatever remains that is ordained for this season shall be supernaturally released."

"Every of your desire, as the lord liveth, returns as testimonies
Receive strength and vigour to press hard to the end."

Prophetic Instruction:

"Invest minimum of one hour tomorrow Saturday for kingdom investment prayers. Ask God to draft in multitudes into this church and that as they gather, they step in and stay on.

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