• Anyone tying down your destiny and frustrating your progress goes down for you today in the mighty name of Jesus!
  • This year, no one will doubt that God is your Father!
  • The wickedness of the wicked comes to an end in your life today in the name of Jesus!
  • Whoever wants you dead, dies in your place in the name of Jesus!
  • Every curse against you and your household goes back to the sender!
  • I declare every gang up against your destiny terminated!
  • Everything that is making you share private tears ends today in Jesus’ name!
  • By the Anointing, vengeance will answer in the camp of your enemies today!
  • Today, you are crossing your 'Red Sea' into your world of Heaven on Earth!
  • The workings of the wicked ends in your life today!
  • Every force bewitching your destiny is cursed today in the name of Jesus!
  • Today is declared your day of freedom!
  • Every anger of the adversary towards you is silenced today!
  • Every arrow of the enemy return on their heads today in the name of Jesus!
  • On this covenant day of vengeance, your faith will deliver your miracles!

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