From now, you are free from all the struggles of life!
Everything that others struggle for shall be cheaply added to you in Jesus’ name!
I pray that every scale on your eyes falls off in the name of Jesus!
This shall be your best month ever!
You will not derail in Jesus' name!

From today, every struggle of your life comes under your feet in the name of Jesus!
Your life will never know backwardness in the name of Jesus!
Your case is settled in the name of Jesus!
Your concerns are turned to testimonies in the name of Jesus!
This month, the giant in you is coming alive!
No more setbacks or oppression for you!
You are redeemed to walk in dominion, therefore, no more setbacks for you in the name of Jesus!
Heaven on earth shall be a reality in your life in Jesus’ precious name!
The grace to wait on the Lord is released on your life!

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