My name is Sister Joy Nnorom. I thank God for what He's been doing since I started worshiping here. Before I joined this commission, I was always sick to the extent that I was always losing my footing and falling everywhere I went. It has been like that since 1998. But after the last 21days of prayers and fasting, (I really prayed and fasted), I’m now totally free from sickness.

My name is Chigozie Okehie. Last year in March, I was appointed the commanding officer of a ship by the federal government. And we left by March last year to China. We were there till December. While there, many things happened; by the grace of God, I started a fellowship there in China. I found out that one of my men, for about 8 years, had not been to any church, so it was an opportunity for him. Even some Chinese were worshipping with us. When it was time to return to Nigeria, we started hearing negative dreams, prophesies and visions that we would not return to Nigeria alive. I went to God in prayers and He gave me a word in Psalms 91:9 that ‘because I have set my love on Him, He would give His angels charge over us.’ And that was how God brought us back safely, even though we passed through typhoons and storms.

My name is Amaka Patrick. I was sick, I went for a test and the doctor said there was something wrong with my left kidney as a result of infections. It was so bad that I could no longer stand upright; I was always lying down. I brought the test result to church here, prayed, anointed myself and started taking the communion – morning and night like a prescription. After a while, I noticed that all the symptoms have stopped. And now I’m free, I can now function normally.

My name is David Johnson. Since I joined this commission, though I have never been out job, I was struggling to make it. Last January, my asked me to go and serve a man for 7 years for him to settle me at the end of the period so I could start my own business along the line of the man I would serve.  Since that has never been my dreams, I told him I was not business-inclined. He wouldn’t take no for an answer so I reluctantly said yes. I prayed to God that if I would just get a good, I would have an excuse not to go on that 7-year service, because I still want to further my education. On March 1 this year, Papa declared: “Someone here will get a job this week.” I held on to that word, because it was my last opportunity to avoid that 7-year journey. I had booked an appointment with then said
man so I could sign the agreement and other paper work. That same day, I got a call for an interview. It was successful and I was asked to resume immediately. That was how God saved me from what would have truncated my dreams of going back to school. 

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