“I knew I was coming to Canaanland - a forest - and I knew I had to study the Jesus wilderness ministry. I studied to the extent of gaining the required confidence that if none of you came, I would still be here. And others will replace you...1979, I was 25, and I caught the light of my position of being far above all principalities and powers...I saw it, I believed it, and I received it, and I began to walk in the light of it. From that day, no witch under the sky has ever had the right to say to me, ‘where are you from?’...We stepped into Liberia and the queen of sheba stepped out. There's no meeting point! It is by the power of light that we rule in the midst of our enemies.”
--- Bishop David Oyedepo, Sunday February 5, 2017, on ENGAGING THE POWER OF LIGHT FOR OUR EXEMPTION (Part 1b)

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