• Every seed the enemy has planted in your body is flushed out by the anointing in the name of Jesus!
  • You are going from glory to glory all the days of your life!
  • The giant in you is coming alive in Jesus' name!
  • Every arrow of ups and down in your life comes to an end in Jesus’ name!
  • From today, you will begin to have testimonies of advancement on every side in Jesus’ name!
  • It shall be forward ever and backward never for you in Jesus' name!
  • I pray that a genuine love for God and people will come on you today in Jesus’ name!
  • You will never have a better last year; rather, every year must have at least a notable miracle in the name of Jesus!
  • You will live long and have multiple change of levels every year!
  • You will find yourself on top in your field!
  • Spiritual, career and business stagnation is over today!
  • You will soon become the story the whole world is telling!
  • The things that others struggle to get will flow to you!
  • Your miracle job is landing this new week!
  • Your promotion is coming this week!
  • You are free at last and free forever!

  • Say This: I am going forward in all areas of my life! Forward ever, backward never! So, help me Jesus!


  1. One of the most tangible nations in Africa is Nigeria, which some people believe it is the heart of Africa and also happens to be the most popular nation in Africa

  2. Amen and Amen


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