“We are unqualified...there are better hands than we are out there..." By Bishop David Oyedepo

“We are unqualified...there are better hands than we are out there, but we are beneficiaries of grace...He chose us to bless us. (John 15:16; Jeremiah 23:38 - 40). Serving God as a burden brings you under a curse... 
There is nothing we do that adds to God. There's nothing we don't do that reduces from God. He's I AM THAT AM. Anything you do will only affect you - positively or negatively...(1Samuel 15:28) ...There are many people better than us just on the street...the reserve are just waiting for you to break your leg so they can display their skills on the field. In sports, the coach keeps his second best on reserve and puts his best on the field. But God puts His second best on the field and keeps the best on reserve. So, it is a privilege, if you abuse it, there are better hundreds just at the door.” 
--- Bishop David Oyedepo



  1. I love this. Timely word that makes me mindful of the privilege of His GRACE. BLESS YOU PAPA!THANK YOU JESUS!


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