The Blessing of the Fathers...

"Thus saith the Lord, I will not only forgive you; I will baptize you with My Holy Spirit, take care of you, your finances, your nation and everything about you!"  -Pst. Kenneth Copeland
"You are healed in every part of your body in the mighty name of Jesus!" -Pst. Kenneth Copeland

"This ministry has never known dry season. Therefore, from this day onward, you will never know a dry season!" -Bishop David Oyedepo

“The next 35 years of your life will be hitch-free in the name of Jesus! -Bishop David Oyedepo

“Your strength will never be abated in the name of Jesus!” -Bishop David Oyedepo

“Everything will keep turning in your favour!” -Bishop David Oyedepo

“I pray that God will never leave you alone!” -Pastor E.A. Adeboye

“Every enemy you have seen to this moment, you will see them no more in the name of Jesus!” -Pastor E.A Adeboye
“You will attend the funeral of all those who said you will not reach your goal!” -Pastor E.A Adeboye

“Africa shall be saved!” -Pst. Kenneth Copeland
You are blessed! -Pst. Kenneth Copeland


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