“Even Today, Somebody Is Getting A Job! Even Today Someone’s Job Is Being Restored.” Bishop Oyedepo, 07/03/16

  • The good news is that we are in our price winning week, and you must win your prize
  • For anyone on the line for a miracle job, this is your week of opportunities
  • For anyone who has lost their job, this is your week of restoration.
  • For anyone in line for miracle marriage, this is your week.
  • If your marriage is about hitting the rock; this is your week of restoration
  • You MUST have a testimony this week
  • The week is declared open as a week of high level spiritual productivity
  • Even today, somebody is getting a job!
  • Even today somebody’s job is being restored.
  • Thank you Father,
  • In Jesus precious name
  • Congratulations

Bishop David Oyedepo, March 7, 2016


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