Further information on the call for ark bearer’s sacrifice:

In view of the uniqueness of this Church and the major role that transportation plays in getting worshippers across to Faith Tabernacle every Sunday, the need to look inward for provision of transportation for worshippers cannot be overemphasized. To the glory and praise of Jesus the master builder of the Church, this church is far becoming a city without walls with over 20,000 vehicles on our premises every Sunday spread over our 5 services. This number includes
over 4,000 buses of various capacities. The question then is, what happens when the number of worshippers grow to be 500,000 and even beyond. This is why we must look inward in order to secure continuous growth of the Church. Members are therefore to note the following detailed information aimed at enlightening our response to the Ark bearer’s Sacrifice.

This is a call unto those in this church who, in this great revival and massive in-gathering of souls, desire to partner with Jesus through diverse investments in the transportation of worshippers to and fro Canaanland on Sundays. Every Winner is expected to take advantage of this platform for our change of levels. The procedure for our investment is as detailed below for your information.

Category 1:
Those burning with passion and desire to see the continuous growth of this Church and showing same by investing in transportation business that will be made available on Sundays and paid for at the same rate as other commercial buses.

Category 2:
Those who presently run transportation businesses and are willing to make them available to join our current fleet. The number of bus(es) intended to be made available shall be indicated; identifying contacts of transporters who can join our operating fleet will also be appreciated.

Category 3:
Those who have buses for their businesses, such as staff buses, school buses, etc. and are willing to make them available on Sundays. Number of such bus or buses to be made available shall also be required.
Please note that for Categories 1-3 above, transportation services shall be paid for at the same rate paid to other Commercial buses
Category 4:
Those blessed among us but who may not be interested in investing in transportation business but can sow seed of one bus or more to the Church, this shall be prayed on before being deployed to the appropriate zones. They are required to indicate the type and number of buses and when it shall be expected. It should be noted that those who want to sow one or more seed of bus to their zones are required to buy the buses on their own and are not required to drop the sacrifice as equivalent financial seed.

Category 5:
Private car owners who have spare seats in their cars and are willing to offer them to members of their cells, zones, service units or other acquaintances to and fro the church on Sundays are also required to so indicate.

Category 6:
Additional Platform: In view of the enormous cost involved in providing free transportation to a number of our new converts, members have the privilege to sow sacrificially towards making available free transportation for the ever increasing influx of new converts into this church.
Procedure for Engagement

The following shall be the procedure for making our Ark Bearer’s Sacrifice: The Ark bearer’s call
  1. Every level of engagement listed above is recognized as Ark Bearer’s Sacrifice
  2. Every partaker shall be required to present his/her sacrifice in form of worship God, after the order of Abraham – Gen 22:1-18
  3. Our presentation shall be packaged in a letter unto our God which shall contain details of the category of our engagement as individuals, families or business with the heading “Privileged to be enlisted among the Ark Bearers” I Chron 15:1-15
  4. This letter shall be an expression of our gratitude to God; our covenant-keeping God, who has blessed us enough to be partakers of this sacrifice. Deut 26:1-14.
  5. The letter should be packaged honourably in an envelope, and shall contain details of our categories of engagement including when to expect what each one is bringing on board.
  6. The cash or cheque sacrifice shall also be packaged in an envelope marked “My Ark Bearer’s Sacrifice” and dropped in the offering during the service of Sunday, 11th, 18th October, or the next Sunday on 25th of October 2015.
  7. All cheques for financial sacrifices are to be written in favour of Faith Tabernacle Sacrifice”
Expect your supernatural reward as you partner with Jesus in this in-gathering season.
Jesus is Lord!

Bishop David Oyedepo

Enquiries on cheque(s) and on-line payment can be made by calling on:
  • +2348125408726,
  • +2348125408753,
  • +2348125408759

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