We recognize that Prayer and Fasting constitutes the power house of supernatural church growth. In Fact, a whole nation can be harvested into the kingdom at once through the force of Prayer and Fasting---- Is. 66:7­-8.

However, we discover that it is not enough to pray and fast for church growth; we must be specific in our demands for growth.
For example, from the testimony of David Yonggi Cho, the Pastor of the reputed largest church congregation in the world, in his book titled, “Ministering Hope For
50 years”, Yonggi Cho wrote on how God taught him be specific in his prayer for church growth. As a result, the church grew twice in attendance in two consecutive years, that is, 1962 and 1963. Also, in response to his prayers, by the third year, the church grew four times in membership, that is, from 600 in 1963 to 2,400 in 1964!!

While we must reach out to the last but the going will Only be fruitful through prayers, as it written; “So that both he that soweth and he that reapeth may rejoice together”--- Jn. 4:35-36.
We saw spiritual seeds in prayers and we reap the harvest through soul winning endeavours. It obviously requires these two forces to sustain supernatural church growth.
The Following prayer points will empower your prayer life into next levels of impact and rewards as you make kingdom advancement prayers your focus in this prophetic Season

1. praying that this church be minimum twice its August 2015 average Sunday attendance by 25th October, 2015---- MK 11:24.
2. Praying the father to deploy legions of reaper angels to carry out his commandment, since he wants all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth----- Matt. 13:39.
3. Praying that the Holy Spirit takes over our harvest field to deliver this Wonder Double mandate---- Zech 4:6.
4. Praying that all Winners be endued with the Fresh zeal of the lord in playing their past towards the delivery of this mandate tirelessly---- Ps 69:9.
5. Praying the Holy Spirit to ‘Whistle’ across our harvest field compelling the ingathering of multitudes into the church---- Isa. 5:26.
6. Praying the Holy Ghost to come down as a ‘Mighty Rushing Wind’ thereby drafting unprecedented multitudes into this church---- Num. 11:31.
7. Praying the Holy Spirit to convict, convert and establish in the faith all that will be reached out to all through Operation Rescue 2015--- Jn. 16:8-11.
8. Praying down the Holy Spirit to set free every new convert from all forms bondages, spells, enchantments and generational curses--- Num. 23:23.
9. Praying that God turns every winner to a sign and a wonder thereby drawing many to the kingdom--- Isa. 8:18.
10. Praying that God gives us the heathens for our inheritance and the utter most part of the earth for our possession--- Ps. 2:8
11. Praying down supernatural restoration of glory and colour for every Winner thereby drawing multitudes to the kingdom--- Zech 8:22-23.
12. Praying to destroy all interferences of the devil against the growth of his church by the blood of Jesus---- Rev. 12:11.
13. Praying that the Spirit of the Lord stops every incursion of hell against this ongoing revival in our midst---- Isa. 59:19
14. Praying against all satanic forces that may resist the influx of souls into this church------ Matt. 16:18.
15. Praying the Holy Spirit to breathe upon every outreach material such as Fliers, tracts, etc, turning them into anointed sickles of harvest, thereby drafting multitudes into this church----- Joel 3:13
16. Praying the Father to grant every worshiper turnaround encounter with the prophetic word in all our services thereby fast-forwarding the destiny of all. ----Hosea 12:13.
17. Praying the father to change every Winner’s position dramatically all through the Operation Rescue 2015, leading to supernatural church growth----Gen 21:1-2
18.Praying that the ears of every unsaved soul in our territory hears the compelling sound of the Holy Spirit and be drafted to this Church during this Prophetic Season------ Is. 5:26.
19. Praying for the eruption of signs and wonders in all our services, thereby drawing multitudes into the kingdom and into this church------ Acts 5:12-14.
20. Praying for increasing revelations that will lead to supernatural dimension of church growth-----Acts 6:7.
21. Praying for enduement of the zeal of the land that will engrace members for tireless engagement in kingdom advancement endeavors--- Ps. 69:9.
22. Praying the reaper-angels to take over our harvest field, mobilizing multitudes into this church for their salvation, deliverance, breakthrough, etc-------Matt. 13:39.
23. Praying for reaper-angels to be released by the father to wait upon every new convert of the year and every challenged Winner that may or about to throw in the towel, ensuring their restoration and establishment in this church------Ps 103:20.
24. Praying for hitch-free movement for all worshippers in and out of church all through this Operation Rescue and beyond-------Ps.105:13-15.
25. Praying against all interference of weather, transportation challenges and every other thing that may hinder the influx of souls into our services-------MK.11:24
1. Praying for every soul saved to be established in this Church------Col.4:12.
2. Praying against all the powers of darkness that may want to draw any of the coverts back to the world-----Eccl.3:14
3. Praying the Holy Spirit to open the eyes of understanding of all new converts to the truth so they can be established in the faith-------Eph.1:17-18.
4. Praying the Father to give everyone of our converts in this church a testimony of  “once I was blind, now I can see”, so they can abide in the faith and in this church------Jn 9:25.
5. Praying for the zeal of the lord to come upon all our new converts so that they can be established in the faith-----Ps 69:9.
6. Praying that the Holy Spirit will endue all new converts with wisdom and knowledge so they can be established and begin to enjoy the blessing of the Lord------Isa.33:6.
7. Praying the Father to endue all our new converts of the year with the power from on high, thereby establishing their unquestionable dominion over life’s situations and circumstances-----Zech.4:6.
8. Praying that all our new converts will be endued with the Spirit of holiness so that they can continue to enjoy the favour of God------Ps.5:12.
9. Praying that all our new converts of the year will be turned into signs and wonders, thereby drawing others to Christ----Zech.8:23.
10. Praying for the release of the Word of eternal life that will establish our new converts in the faith------Jn.6:66-68.
11. Praying the father to turn all our new converts into instant and active disciples of Christ, thereby leading others to Christ, thereby leading others to Christ-----Jn.4:29-39
12. Praying for the eyes of all our new converts to be opened to see this church as their spiritual home------Deut.12:13-14.
……..and many more!

1. Praying that the Lord will fill our members with the Spirit of Holiness so we can continue to enjoy the favour of God----Rom.1:4
2. Praying the blessings of God upon every winner in their various endeavours------Ps.1:3.
3. Praying the Father to turn every winner to a committed kingdom promoter all through this prophetic season thereby changing or levels supernaturally----Dan.12:3
4. Praying for divine lifting and promotions for every Winners in this season of revival as a result of faithful engagement in Operation Rescue 2015-------Jer.30:19-21
5. Praying down supernatural restoration of Glory and Colour for every winner thereby bringing an end to shame and reproach-----Joel 2:23-26.
6. Praying for Business and career breakthrough for every winner---Ps.1:3.
7. Praying that every one called barren becomes a joyful Mother of Children----Ps.113:9.
8. Praying for everyone sick among us to be made whole by the power of the word-----Ps.107:20.
9. Praying that those who desire to be married be supernaturally connected to their marital destiny before this year runs out---Gen.24:13-21.
10. Praying for an end to every satanic oppression in the life of every Winner—Is. 54:14
……..and many more!

 In conclusion, as it written: “For Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion: for the time to favour her, yea, the set time, is come. For thy servants take pleasure in her stones, and favour the dust thereof. So the heathen shall fear the name of the LORD and all the kings of the earth thy glory”-----Ps.102:13-15

Therefore, as we maintain our pleasure in promoting the Kingdom, the time to favour us has finally come. All that will genuinely engage in this divine operation shall be listed among the rising giants from this commission this year in the name of Jesus Christ.


Jesus is Lord!

David O. Oyedepo
Faith Tabernacle,

Canaanland, Ota-Lagos, Nigeria.

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