Wonder Double: Canaanland Is Becoming A City Without Walls! (FT News)

If there is any grace I really covet in the life of Bishop David Oyedepo, it is his ability to hear clearly from God, run with whatever prophetic agenda he receives and ensure its fulfillment. While many believers claim that they sometimes hear God speak to them about some issues of their life, only few can recall the exact words they heard.
Papa doesn't leave you in doubt that he clearly hears from God. He not only graphically recalls the circumstances of the encounter, but he also usually declares with absolute trust, word for word, what God told him. I wasn't therefore surprised like many other Church members when he announced his recent encounter with God. “I was preparing for a service when suddenly I heard the Lord said to me, I the God of Wonder-Double is visiting you.”

Even before he gave a full explanation of his divine encounter, I could easily connect the Wonder to the Wonders Without End answer to our Heaven on earth greetings for the year, but not the Double.

Double what? I wondered just like the Bishop himself said he initially did.
As it turned out, the Double Wonder agenda is first about a minimum double attendance in all our local assemblies of where we were as of the last Sunday of May by July 26th.

Was I initially surprised? Yes. Was I initially skeptical? Yes. I was considering that just before the announcement, some zonal centres in Lagos and Ota were merged due to the low turnout. If we are yet to fill the four services at Faith Tabernacle every Sunday, how will the double attendance prophecy come to pass? I reasoned naturally.
But I should have known that the God of Winners is a God with whom nothing is impossible.  The awesome growth of the Church over the years was enough proof that the prophetic mandate is yet another opportunity for God to show that He is able to do exceeding abundantly beyond what we can think or imagine. I remember when Bishop announced the African Gospel Invasion Project (AGIP) at the Raji Oba Church.
“The harvest of Africa is ripe, rush in and preserve it” was God’s instruction which was carried out immediately and today the Church has spread not only to other African countries, but worldwide.

Already the Wonder Double mandate is coming to pass ahead of the July 26 deadline. To the shame of the devil, Cannanland is becoming a city without walls as new converts pour in every week. Like in Raji Oba, I see the Crowd Control Unit members having a hard time managing the coming upsurge in fulfillment of the agenda.

For unbelievers like one of my former editors while working in a media house in Lagos some years ago, prophetic mandates like Wonder-Double and the yearly prophetic agenda like Heaven on Earth are imaginations of Church leaders. According to him, “Your Bishop knows how to keep you people excited with slogans every year.”
By now every doubting Thomas, including my former editor must have realized that what they call slogans are revelations and inspired declarations which have been confirmed by numerous mind-blowing testimonies. As prophesied that just as the Church will experience double attendance, every member will also experience double in their lives, I can testify that the almighty God has proved Himself faithful in my life.

Half way into the year, it has been wonders without end experience for me in my personal and professional endeavours. Some of the favours that have come my way and breakthroughs I have had are more than enough proofs that the God of Wonder Double is with us.

 Dcn. Lekan Otufodurin


  1. The God of Winners' is a faithful God who has been confirming the Words of His servant Dr. Oyedepo. glory to God.

    Prophetic double wonder is a reality!

  2. It's true. Thank God I am a winner


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