*I decree that your destiny will not be truncated; it shall be fully realized in the name of Jesus!
*This is your week of open doors!
*The financial giant in you must be birth in the name of Jesus!
*No power of darkness will stop your journey to your glorious destiny in Jesus’ name!
*It’s your turn to be announced!
*You are set free from whatever the devil has planted in your life!

*You have an enviable destiny in Christ; therefore, you will not live a pitiable life!
*Receive grace to apply the revelation of the truth with delight in Jesus name!
*Every turmoil in your home comes to an end in the name of Jesus!
*Your tied down inheritance is released in the name of Jesus!
*Every satanic assault on your life is over!
*No marital spell, siege or bondage shall escape divine intervention!
*Everyone who desires marriage is miraculously settled in the name of Jesus!
*Say: I refuse to be pitied because I am ordained to be envied!

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