By the anointing, everyone seeking your life will lose his life in the name of Jesus!
Nobody could imagine a star in your lineage, but you will break that chain in the name of Jesus!
Every arrow sent to you by the wicked for your downfall is destroyed in the name Jesus!
Henceforth, the principalities and powers that used to torment you, will dread you in the name of Jesus!

As the Lord liveth, whatever the devil has put in your body comes out today!
Today, every siege of the wicked one on your marital destiny, children and career is declared destroyed!
Every besieged destiny is released today!
By the anointing, no ritual killer or armed robber will dare you again!
This year, your mockers will turn around to envy you!
Your miracle children, marital restoration and career breakthrough are established today in the mighty name of Jesus!
Whatever has been stolen in your life is restored in 7-fold by the anointing in Jesus’ name!
Every stagnation in your life is destroyed today!
Your supernatural breakthroughs are released in Jesus’ name!
You will subdue nations in your business this year!
You are coming out of every bondage!
You are free from every generational curse holding you bound in the name of Jesus!

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