Every feebleness in your body is cursed in the name of Jesus!
No force of darkness will take you away from the heavenly race in Jesus’ name!
Today, you are delivered from every incurable sickness and disease in Jesus' name!
You are totally free from that affliction in Jesus' name!
Every rod of the magician tormenting your life is swallowed up by the Blood of Jesus!
Today, every contrary spirit is flushed out of your life in Jesus’ name!
Every diabolical arrow in your body is destroyed and goes back to the sender in the name of Jesus!
Every unwanted habit in your life such as whoredom, covetousness, pride, etc, is destroyed in Jesus’ name!
You will find the Word that will terminate every struggle of your life!
You are free from cancer, leukaemia, kidney and liver disease in the name of Jesus!
By the Blood of Jesus, an end has come to that inexplicable ordeal in your life!
Today marks the end of all health crises in your life in the mighty name of Jesus!
You are totally free from every sickness, disease, pain or discomfort in the name of Jesus!
Mercy answers for you today!
Be made whole!

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