Covenant University's 2015 Overall Best Graduating Student Shares Winning Secrets (FT News)


For Oti Ebubechukwu Emmanuel, the Best Graduating student at the last Covenant University 10th Convocation with a CGPA of 4.96, it takes spirituality, diligence, responsibility and sacrifice to accomplish such a goal. Oti, a graduate of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in an interview with FT News, explained how these values helped him accomplished the feat.

“Spirituality would repel anxiety, timidity and keep one from attacks of the enemy. It would secure God’s direction when reading and even when writing the exams. It would give favour as well. Diligence would make you do all that is necessary to get an ‘A’. Responsibility would make you not to slack and stay focused through the duration of your course of study. Sacrifice
would make you deny yourself of sleep, food, fun and any other thing to see your goals accomplished”.

According to the first child of five children, obeying divine direction also largely contributed to his success. Although, he got admission to schools in the USA, UK and Nigeria, he noted that the family’s tradition of seeking God’s guidance made him to choose Covenant University. This, he said, has profited him all round.

Emmanuel Oti also attributed good parenting and guidance to his academic excellence. “My parents trained us to be good Christian children. They kept encouraging us academically and always kept track of our performance at school. Responsibility and spirituality are strongly emphasized in my family. We were taught to keep good company, serve God with all our heart and succeed academically”.

On why he studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering, he said, “When I was young, I was quite fascinated by toy cars and robots. I used to dismantle and study my toys. I remember building a traffic light in primary school. I also remember being a serious fan of “Robot Wars” on BBC. Furthermore, my dad is very good at Career Management, so, from carefully observing the things I like and my interest, he told me to pursue Electrical and Electronic Engineering.”

Emmanuel Oti also praised the culture of hard work and discipline the University instilled in the students. He added that the students were constantly reminded to take God and their studies seriously as well as have purpose and vision for their lives.

He did not forget to eulogize the lecturers for their contributions to the success of the graduating students. “Our lecturers gave us lecture notes and a list of recommended texts. They encouraged students to work together and conduct tutorials for those that need help”, he explained.

From all his submission, one would have thought Oti was a typical hostel-to-class-to-library and chapel students but he said, “I did most things everybody did. I engaged in sporting activities, I even danced on stage. I had good relationship with people. The thing is, I had academic goals which ordered the time I spent doing every activity”, he noted. All was not that rosy as a student, but Oti was able to surmount the challenges. He noted that he engaged the social media platforms positively and took advantage of free periods to read extensively.                                       Ayo Ajayi

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