• Every desire of the wicked against you is terminated in the mighty name of Jesus!
  • From today, begin to enjoy a pressure-free life!
  • Any challenge in your life that has gone beyond a while is destroyed in the name of Jesus!
  • I decree your love for God re-ignited!
  • I decree your health, marriage, career and children settled today in the name of Jesus!
  • From today, you are exempted from the horrors of lack and want in Jesus’ name!
  • The struggle over your health ends today!
  • I declare your settlement this season!
  • You will not withdraw from following Christ!
  • No matter the heights you attain, your children will scale higher heights in the name of Jesus!
  • Your season of harvest has finally come!
  • Henceforth, your generation will never know lack!
  • Your case is finally settled!

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