WARNING: Read Why It's Dangerous To Ignore Prophetic Instructions [MUST READ]

Yesterday Sunday March 22, 2015, Bishop David Oyedepo gave FOUR shocking instances of how dangerous it is to ignore or even disobey prophetic instructions. The President and Founder of the Living Faith Church gave the warning during the fourth service at Faith Tabernacle, headquarters of the church. In a sermon entitled “Engaging The Power of Faith For Fulfillment of Prophecies,” the Apostle of Faith took the congregation down memory lane, reeling out real-life experiences to exemplify why a believer must not toil with instructions from the prophets that God has placed over them.

Shhhhhh! Papa was on fire yesterday, especially during the 4th service! Well, our Reporters were on ground and they scooped a lot to share with you today.

“One way to maximize the prophetic ministry is to keep responding positively to it,” he began with the first instance that happened about 10years ago.  

#First Instance:
 “We had a pastors’ meeting here in 2004 or 2005. We were in that youth Chapel. And I said to the people, ‘nobody should travel with his headlamps on today. No. wherever you get to and you need to put on the headlamps, stay there; look for a place to sleep there. At the end of the service, I repeated it once more. ‘Nobody goes with headlamps tonight; if you can’t get to where you are going, sleep there’. And one of my sons, probably felt the prophecy was for those who didn’t know how to drive. He hit the road that night, and we lost him at 8pm that night. Prophets are not pastors; they are custodians of divine secrets.”

#Second Instance:
“My son in the Lord, Joseph Ebhohimhen, a prayer warrior, we called him a prayer mountain. He was set to go on vacation and he chose to go to his village. After praying for him and blessing him, he left. After he left, in was doing my job and God said to me, ‘And he shall not return’. I screamed whaaat! I jumped into my car, put on the seat belt and drove like Jehu. When I spotted him on Kaduna-Abuja Road, my spirit rejoiced. I double-crossed him and ordered him to stop. And I said, ‘God just told me you are not going to return from this journey’.

#Third Instance: 
I called my son Victor and I said, ‘where are you?’ (I knew where he was). I said leave that country right now; catch the next available flight and leave the country. He left immediately. And within a few hours of his departure, rebels in that country invaded our mission house there. He was slated for slaughter but he left just a few hours earlier; by prophetic instruction.”Then the prophet made a prophetic declaration: “Listen to me, under this prophetic canopy, no devil can snatch your destiny.”

#Fourth Instance
“One of my sons in the Lord came to me and said, ‘Sir, I’m supposed to travel to Ijebu-Ode now to pick my mother, because my sister just gave birth.’ I said how are you going Yemi? He said ‘I’m driving’ and I asked, ‘whose car’ because he didn't have a car. And he said somebody’s car and immediately I said, “No, you must not travel’. The way he left me, I suspected he might still want to go, so I asked again whose car are you people using? He mentioned his name and I said call him for me. When the owner came, I said, ‘That car must not move an inch today. That was 8 O’clock in the morning. The owner of the car said to me, ‘but I have given my word, and I asked, ‘are your words immutable?’ Anyway, they left. By 11 O’clock, two of them died… don’t mistake prophets for believers; prophets are custodians of divine secrets.”

Then he ended with more prophetic declarations and a word of advice: 
“Every prophetic word that has gone towards you this year, no devil can stop it from coming to pass. Take responsibility to build your faith, to match the delivery of any of those prophetic items. And then you have it like a dream of the night. This will be your most eventful year in your life. When others are expecting troubles you are changing levels. In the name of Jesus.”


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