#DIRECT FROM PAPA: On Discipline...

"There’s no sleeping competition in life. If you sleep for 8 hours a day, you sleep one-third of your life, and at age 100, you would have slept for 25years!"

“Discipline is operating as demanded, not as convenient.”

“The ‘grasshopper’ mentality disqualifies you from breakthrough. God is not a democrat; ‘whosoever’ is who wins. It takes a needy mentality to become ‘the needy’. You need a disciplined thought and a bridled tongue. “

“I have never visited any man for any kind of help and will never do it till I die. I call it ‘dignity in ministry.’”

“The battles of life are actually domiciled in the mind.” 

"Youth: This is the best season of your life; if you waste it, you will regret it forever."

"Every disciplined person has value for time."

"I have written over 90 books and sold millions of copies; we sell millions of tapes and CDs, but I have never touched a dime of the sales; it is a covenant between me and God."

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