#Direct From Papa: just being thankful makes you ‘God’s-presence-full...

“You don’t need a 40-day fasting to carry God’s presence; that’s affliction. You can protest for 40 days and still incur more wrath from God, but just being thankful makes you ‘God’s-presence-full. And when that happens, every devil will know you and give you your due respect.” 
“The enemy does not yet have an answer to the weapon of praise. Every praising saint is a winning saint. That is why he will do anything to stop praise. He can let you pray and fast 100 days, but just one day of fast can devastate him.”
“Only the enemy that can handle God can handle the weapon of praise. Because every time you praise God, He steps on the scene and takes over the battle. This is why the enemy devotes time to keep you off the praise frequency.” (Source: Understanding the Power of Praise, Page 14)

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